A lot of businesses don’t give social media the credit it deserves; they seem to push it to the back of the ‘to do’ list and upload content without any real thought behind it.

But this is simply not enough anymore and the best way to get results you can be proud of is by creating your own social media strategy before you even consider posting anything. Put together a concrete plan along the lines of: which social networking sites should you sign up to? What types of updates should you post and how often? Who will be managing your social pages?

Go to where your Buyer Personas are

When setting up your accounts, you should ideally be looking to keep up profiles on several different social networks so you reach as many people as possible and experiment with which social profiles work best for you and return the best results. It’s also key for you to work out which social media networks your Buyer Personas are using so you can target them accordingly.

If you’re unsure which social media platforms are best for you, creating profiles on multiple accounts will work for you so you can use analytics to compare your results and distinguish where you should be focusing both your resources and most importantly your time. 

Develop your brand voice

If you want to make a success of your social media accounts it is crucial that you stay true to your brand; your social media accounts should reflect your brand as sincerely as possible.  As a business, you need to make sure that you set clear guidelines about what sort of tone of voice you should use and what types of updates you should be posting.

Build a strong following

When it comes to building up a following on your social pages, it’s important to know that the quality of your followers will always trump quantity. Although having a vast number of followers can look good for your account it won’t create much engagement to your posts if your followers don’t have an interest in what you do. Instead of focusing all your efforts on getting the same amount of followers as Justin Bieber try to find followers that are active on your respective platforms and have a general interest in what you do.

Follow people that you feel are a good fit for you because in turn they are more than likely going to follow you in return if they feel it’s in their interest to do so.

Engage with people!

One of the most important elements of success when it comes to social media is to engage as much as possible. Engaging is not just about retweeting and sharing posts, but rather actively joining and starting conversations with your fellow users.

Join and start groups on LinkedIn that relate to your area of expertise; people love to share and hear opinions with each other. You can also look at posting any news blogs you may have so they can get a better reach.

Promote your own Content

Social media acts as the perfect wat to distribute your own Inbound Marketing content, whether it’s promoting your latest blog post or sharing your latest eBook. Twitter acts as the perfect tool for the job since users are always on the lookout for great new content. Unlike Facebook there are no pesky algorithms keeping them from seeing your tweets so you can repost links several times.

Consider using ads

Setting up ads on social media can be a very simple exercise but it can have great results, if your goal is to simply get more engagement, acquire more followers, gain more traffic etc. Social advertising can help you achieve it all faster.

Before you even start your ad, understand what your goal is first so you can understand what type of ad will be beneficial for you and your organisation. When setting up your social ads it is crucial that you understand who you want to reach beforehand. Social networks have good targeting capabilities so you can specifically narrow it down to gender, job function, interests etc. etc.

Get communicating

At the beginning of your Twitter journey start by joining relevant Twitter chats. Twitter chats are conversations based around a unique hashtag and offer a great way to get better results from Twitter. Join in on these chats in your niche and try to participate as much as you can. As you start to build up your profile and get more of a following, you can start to use your own regular Twitter chats and this will help make you become a lot more influential in your niche and will possibly get you more traffic and more followers.

Know your rivals and steal like an artist

Like the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! If you want to gauge how you are doing on social media compared to competitors it’s always worth taking note of what is working for them and use it to your advantage by incorporating it in your own media strategy. There are several things you should take note of and, as I said previously, see what works for your competitors and what doesn’t work so well. For example, what types of content/updates are they posting and which ones are getting the least/most engagement? What types of blog posts are getting the most interaction? Which social networks are they on and what sort of results are they getting from each of them?

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