‘Twitter accounts for only 17% of Indian social network users’

As Twitter in India clock a double digit development rate, the smaller scale blogging website represents just 17 percent of the aggregate social network users in one of the world's biggest Internet market.

As per a report by statistical surveying firm eMarketer, Japan will boast of the biggest Twitter population in Asia Pacific at 26 million followed by India at 22.2 million users.

A year ago, the research firm had estimate that India will have 18.1 million Twitter users by 2015.

In India, development this year (2016) is expected to be more than twice as quick at 30.4 percent. While it shows at moderating, it will even now move by 16.5 percent in 2018, the report said.

"Yet, the Twitter population in India speaks a much smaller share of social network users in country, at 17percent and only 8.8 percent of Internet users," it included.

eMarketer said that the low Internet infiltration rate in Asia-Pacific's second-biggest nation implies that generally speaking, only 1.8 percent of the population uses Twitter, which will scarcely move achieving just 3 percent by 2018.

Twitter is also working towards boosting its business and incomes in India by joining partnership with India's biggest private segment bank and securing a Bangalore-based mobile advertising start up.

The efforts are a part of its technique to strengthen its stage, particularly on cell phones, and connect brands with clients.

Recently, Facebook announced that the developing Internet penetration and a large youth population has helped it grow its client base in India to 112 million - which is the biggest after the US.

Of the 112 million clients in India, more than 99 million use the stage on their mobile gadgets in any event once every month. Around 45 million clients in India are utilizing their mobile phones each day to associate with their friends on Facebook.

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