Colors And Its Importance In Advertising

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Colors And Its Importance In Advertising

Color can be the most important element in a business advertising. Consumers notice color before words and even the fresh-faced model you hired to stand next to your company's products. As a small-business owner, your choice of color in your advertisements and promotional campaigns can influence consumer feelings about your products or services and can play just as large a role in generating sales 

Color is extremely complex and can also have many impacts. How often have you questioned a color value only to run into a different opinion based on the surrounding environment? Is beige a warm color or a slight grey cool color when viewed under different lighting conditions

In the advertising world, pastel greens, blues and yellows are synonymous with children have you ever seen a print design that related to children that didn’t include these colors? We would all probably be hard pressed to find one. When we get older, we are taught that girls should like pink and boys should like blue. Why? Since society says so, and advertisers keep telling us that it’s true. We later learn that red and black are dominant colors, while shades of white feel less aggressive. Whether we realize it or not, color defines almost everything in our lives.

Changing Moods and Attitudes

The use of colors in your small-business advertising campaigns can convey the attitudes and moods you would like consumers to connect with your products For example, the color blue can convey feelings of serenity and cleanliness  .This is an perfect color for promoting products that desire to emphasize clarity and purity, including bottled spring water or filtration. The emotion or attitude the color choice generates allows consumers to associate those emotions with your products. This feeling hopefully carries over into purchase experiences.

Grabbing Consumer Attention
Incorporating particular colors into your advertisements can grab consumer attention with an immediacy that a catchy slogan cannot. Colors can catch consumer attention more easily because of the multiple associations consumers have with particular colors. 

Consumer Targeting Abilities
Researching consumers in your target market area can give you a sense of what colors attract these consumers more than others. Using this information in creating advertisements can help your small business increase sales by directly appealing to consumer desire and want. This may be a simple matter of playing on the geography in your target market area.

Indicating Product Characteristics
Carefully choosing the colors in your small-business advertising campaigns can help your company emphasize the characteristics of its products. The emphasis of these characteristics will help attract your target customer base.

The usage of colour in advertising is often a very important choice, since colour can have a tremendous psychological impact on people. The national origin of potential buyers, for example, can influence their preference for colour. 

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